Polendos Jam Great Reserve

We elaborate Ham Serrano and Mountain Palette, as it has been done all the life, with affection, with care.

Polendos is in the center of the peninsula. With long, cold winters and short, hot summers; an extreme climate, optimal to get the best flavors of our raw materials.

We are in Cantimpalos, area par excellence. At 906 meters of altitude, facing the peaks of Peñalara peak in the Central System.

All in Polendos we are oriented to heal the best hams, the best possible. We have a highly qualified team of collaborators dedicated entirely to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are specialized in Jamón Serrano and Paleta Serrana: It is what we do best and in what we put our commitment every day.

Polendos Jam Great Reserve


We try to meet the demand of our elaborados trying to meet the expectations of the clients and if possible, surpassing in time, form and quality.

Artisan methods with modern means, we are able to produce safe, tasty and reliable products.

Our Hams Serranos are sweet, with aroma, with intense flavor and determined, but at the same time soft.

  • These are our elaborate:

    • Bodega Serrano Ham : + 10 months aged
    • Reserva Serrano Ham : + 12 months aged
    • Gran Reserva Serrano Ham : +15 months aged
    • Serrana Shoulder : + 8 months aged
  • These are our presentations:

    • Sliced : In gas, under vacuum, with separator, different weights.
    • Boneless : In “V”, polished, clean, in block, in the middle, in blocks.
    • With bone : In vacuum, in boxes of 2 units, in Box.

Polendos Jam Great Reserve


Quality and Safety, have always been two irreplaceable premises for our organization: to make products safe and sound with a quality beyond doubt.

We submit to a permanent evaluation by our and our clients, with the intention of improving.

Everyone who works at Polendos, we are proud to have achieved and maintain the following certifications and quality awards:

Polendos Jam Great Reserve


Contact us at +34 921 496017
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  • Pol. Industrial Parcelas 9-10
    40360 Cantimpalos
    (41,0763 latitud, -4.1473 longitud)
  • +34 921 496017

Polendos Jam Great Reserve